Padmaie - Muscovy Female

Padmaie came to us in April of 2002 with her brother Covy. They were both about 5 weeks old and very friendly. They adapted well and became established into the flock without any problems, at first. As they matured and began mating Covy became very agressive and began attempting to mate anything that moved, including my ailing goose and my mother. His agressive behavior could only be curtailed by removing him from the flock, a home was found for him where he would be an only duck. Padmaie on the other hand is sweet and loves being a mother. She insists on brooding several times a year and has sucessfully hatched an Indian Runners egg, MoonRae, and two goose eggs. The goslings are Shawnee and Zuni. She has been known to steel eggs from other laying ducks and I once caught her with 16 stolen eggs. She however is rough with her eggs and frequently breaks them, explaining why she only has three hatchlings after brooding at least six times in two years. She is currently trying again and of the five eggs I gave her she has two left. If she breaks these eggs she will insist on brooding until I give her more eggs and she gets a successful hatch.


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